• Congressman Joe Courtney Briefed on Hospice House

    Dating from his tenure in Connecticut’s state legislature where he was House Chair of the Public Health Committee, Congressman Courtney has taken an interest in end-of-life care, and been a strong supporter of hospice and palliative care. 

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  • Who Will Hospice House Serve?

    In providing care to its special patients, Hospice House will fill a critical gap in the continuum of end-of-life care in Eastern Connecticut…

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  • What Sort of Care Will Hospice House Provide?

    In the care it provides and in its look and feel, Hospice House will be unlike any other medical-care facility in Eastern Connecticut…

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"Center for Hospice Care has always been about the holistic and compassionate care of patients, promoting autonomy and quality of life to the last days. This Hospice House is a testament to the grass roots support of local communities for this philosophy of care. Once it is built it will be a landmark in New England because of the beauty of the architectural design as well as the mission of expert care given within. It is a much needed option to those who cannot be cared for in their own home and an alternative to staying in a hospital for symptom control.  It will be a resource for all the patients, families, hospitals and physicians of eastern Connecticut for decades to come."

- Naomi Nomizu, M.D.

Imagine an Inpatient Hospice House for Eastern Connecticut

Imagine a special medical care facility that provides a home-like environment, where patients receive expert end-of-life care in their private suites, and where their families can visit and gather any time of day or night and even spend the night in their loved one’s suite. 

Imagine in this special facility a toy-filled playroom where visiting children can play, a cozy library where patients can read or visit with their families, a café with good food, and a quiet chapel where patients and families can find comfort.

Imagine that all of the sunny patient suites in this facility open out to a flower garden surrounded by woods.

Imagine that this facility is situated in the center of the community, an easy drive from anywhere in Eastern Connecticut.

Imagine yourself helping to make Hospice House a reality.

Center for Hospice Care has committed to raising $7.5 million to build and operate what will be Eastern Connecticut’s first Hospice House facility.